Linked In - Untapped Potential

Posted by Amber Rainsberry on

Are you trying to build a business or a brand and just getting crickets on Facebook and Instagram? You are not alone.  These channels are flooded with eager marketers all trying to get a message out and people are getting tired of seeing their friends push products. 

Have you thought about marketing on linked in?  Did you know that:

Linked in has over 500 million members (2018)

Over half of those log in monthly, over 40% log in DAILY

87 million millennials are on linked in 

There are 9 billion content impressions made every week 

Only 3 million users POST weekly 

Yes that is RIGHT...3 million users are getting 9 BILLION impressions! 

Save yourself time and frustration and get this comprehensive Linked in playbook here  or download the free linked in scripts grab bag here which has some great scripts to help you connect with people on linked in, get that free here:

Set up your profile on  It is pretty straightforward, if you can set up a facebook account, you can do this.  You will add your work history and sync with your contacts in your phone or email so you can start to add friends.  

I would love to hear how you are using linked in for business. Please email me at to share. 


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