Coffee and Mascara - 2 things MOST women can agree on.

Posted by Amber Rainsberry on

Being Relatable is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. 

Who is your audience? Do you know the demographics of your top fans? 

* Hint, hint * Your best clients are going to be JUST LIKE YOU!

So who are you? What do you love? How can you make your audience FEEL like they know you and relate to you? 

I love apparel with messages that connect to my audeince. They are "the rage" right now and not only can they be a conversation starter on social media, but in real life too! 

Your audience has needs like you did, what needs did you have in the past that you overcame? Did you find a way to finally break through the weight loss plateau? Did you overcome a health battle naturally? Did you finally get the finances under control? Take time to jot down past struggles and how you overcame them.  

Likely your audience is just a few steps behind you, help them bridge the gap and they will be your client forever! 

Take a look at our new Coffee Swag shop for wearables that will connect to your audience and at amazingly low wholesale prices so you can make the MOST of your marketing budget! And save your receipt since this is a business expense :) 

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"May your coffee kick in before reality does" Cheers!



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